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Annette Haven: True lady
pornstar Annette Haven classic erotic star Annette Haven
Pornstar name: Annette Haven
Real name: Annette Martin
Born: 1954 Las Vegas
Measurements: 34 B
Height: 5 ft 5" (1.65 m)
Weight: 108 lb (49 kg)
Hair: Brown
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Aliases: Nanette Heaven, Annette Funette, Cheryl Nelson
DVDs: Interracial DP - Swedish Erotica vol. 26 - Big tits & Hot buns - Desires Within Young Girls & many more!!
First porn film in the Seventies:
Annette Haven was born in December 1954, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA and raised in a sexually-conservative Mormon family. Haven later claimed that part of her reason for entering porn was that she wanted to show that "sex is not sinful" and could be pleasurable.

At the age of 21, Annette made her first porn film. "I was told about it by the lady I was living with (Bonnie Holiday). She said that her friends were making this film called 'Lady Freaks' (1973). Annette's second movie was 'Deep Tango' (1974), in which she had first sex scene with a male. Annette drew the line with what she would do in front of the camera.
Straight conservative sex only:
"I won't let a man come on my face. It's degrading. I won't allow any degrading act unless it's vital to the story… I won't do any S&M scenes or anal sex… No weird kinky stuff. No golden showers. No animals. Nothing that isn't straight retro sex. I have even objected to dildos."
Scenes from Swedish Erotica 26 - Interracial Double Penetration:
Annette Haven in Swedish Erotica porn scene Annette Haven Annette Haven in Double Penetration retro porn Annette Haven erotic scene Annette Haven sex scene Annette Haven
A pioneer in sexual education:
Annette Haven was one of the pioneers of adult movies in America and has worked with all the legendary male stars of her time, including John Holmes, John Leslie, Paul Thomas, Eric Edwards, Wade Nichols, Jamie Gillis and Joey Silvera. As was the case with European actresses such as Brigitte Lahaie and Cicciolina, she viewed her involvement in the porn industry as an ideological statement; something through which she could confront conservative values and educate. "I've never approached the business the way Ginger Lynn did and Traci Lords did and that whole crowd. They've made something like a hundred films and videos in a year in order to make a cash killing. That has never been my point in being in the adult industry. I felt that it would give me an excellent platform to speak about sexual matters… That to me is very, very important. I grew up watching most of my girlfriends get really ruined because of their lack of sexual education...
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